Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Big Move

I'm moving to London on Sunday to start a new job as part of my placement year of university and i'm so excited... I obviously can't take all my clothes with me so I've been sorting things out and decided to sell some bits that I won't be taking and to help fund my new lifestyle (not gonna be easy to resist shopping in London!)

 here are some of my favourites that i'll be sad to part with...

the link to my shop is here ----> :)
take a look and grab yourself a bargain!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Wish List #5

Gina Tricot Black top and Mint Green shorts/River Island Black and Green Shorts and White Flatforms/Above Knuckle Ring/Pink Hairspray

I've actually already bought all the River Island stuff - both shorts are in the sale for £10 each, if you're going to get the green shorts i'd get the size up because I bought the 8 and my bum is practically hanging out (not a good look) 
I want the pink hairspray to try out on the ends of my hair because I've wanted pink tips for ages but haven't dared to dye it so if I use this and like it I might take the plunge!