Monday, 3 June 2013


I bought these sandals after seeing them in the stylist magazine a couple of weeks ago... they are from Clarks... yes you got it right CLARKS. When I think of Clarks I remember my childhood days when I would go in there to have my feet measured and then my mum would get me school shoes until mid junior school and I started to think I was too cool. Now I think of older people and would never normally go in there! When I saw these in the stylist I thought I have to have them! I've wanted a white pair of sandals and I love silver so the little heel is perfect to just add a bit of height for day through to night.

Top - Zara/Leather Jacket - Zara/Jeans - Original Levi 501s/Sandals - Clarks

I definately feel different about them now and think they have started to cater more to a younger audience and would think twice about popping in to have a look around. Sometimes its nice to branch out and go somewhere you haven't been for years or into somewhere new/different to the shops you would normally go in just to see whats out there and who knows you might be pleasantly surprised!