Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Winter Wish List

Sorry for the lack in blogging again! I've been on holiday to Ibiza and recovering was well needed! 
Obviously being back the weather is a lot colder than it was there so it has give me reason to hunt for some winter clothes; that and the fact i'm going to New York with my uni course in December which will be verrrrrry cold! So I thought i'd do a little wish list of things I've been lusting after...

1.Faux fur collar boyfriend coat/ 2.Black faux fur socks/ 3.Boxy knitted jumper/ 4.Grey faux fur oversized headband/ 5.Wanna be JC Litas - Ebay

I love this coat from Topshop - if you can't already tell i'm a bit obsessed with fur at the minute, the collar is a nice touch and you can take it off if you want so you get two looks out of one (helping me justify paying £100!) A warm coat is an essential on my New York tick list!

I want some knee high socks to wear over tights when its cold and these ones caught my eye whilst looking through the River Island website, I think its just because there's fur involved!

I'm going to need some standard jumpers to throw on in New York under my coat, thought this one would be perfect and at £19.99 you can't really complain - even though i'd prefer it to be black, i'll probably do a bit more hunting round.

I want a fur headband for NY too to keep me warm! I thought this one would match the coat and would look okay with my blonde hair. I thought about a cream one but thought it might look silly?

Last of all the boots! Obviously if I had the money i'd be buying the real thing but these are a perfect dupe for me! I'll be purchasing these very soon!

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  1. I've a grey knitted jumper on my list too... definite essential for AW.
    Lovely blog