Sunday, 30 January 2011


Yesterday I went to London with a friend to do some research on Chanel for one of our projects at uni, so after getting up at 6:45am :/ and arriving in London at 10:00 am we set off down Bond Street to find the shop.

I'd say the most noticeable shop down Bond Street that we saw was Louis Vuitton with its 'theme park' window display of a big gold roller coaster and a ferris wheel that actually turns with bags going round it, it looked amazing!

Walking down the street we noticed Chanel had two stores - one was for fine jewellery and the other consisted of clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, perfume, sunglasses and make up. We didn't go in the jewellery shop but we did go in the other.

Firstly, we got let in by a man on the door, the first thing I then noticed was the smell of perfume - obviously one of the Chanel ones, the interior was all black and white - like the front of the shop, and they had cream stone flooring, to the right was a little make up section and a sunglasses section, then there was two glass cabinets holding jewellery of different kinds  and watches. On the left there was shelving of different bags with some accessories, and again two glass cabinets with purses and other accessories in.

Walking through to the back there was shelving on the back wall with more bags on, and the counter to the left, to the right there were stairs to the ground floor and the second floor, going up the stairs to the second floor we noticed the cream carpeting, which continued on the whole floor, there was a TV screen on the wall to the right as we got up the stairs which was playing a catwalk of the Fall-Winter 2010/11 Haute Couture collection and in front of us there were some clothes, only 3 items were in each section and they hung on black velveted hangers with a gold Chanel logo on. 

Through to the left there was more clothes around the whole section again in threes, a dressing room and also a seating area, were a man was sat enjoying some biscuits and tea as his partner was trying on a selection of the clothes.

The clothes were mainly pastel shades, some incorporating the famous Chanel tweed, some being suits entirely of tweed and others being chiffroney type dresses. There was also some black dresses in the collection.  

The front of the store - all the mannequins wore red wigs and there was two big white lions.
 (Lions were a key piece in Gabrielle  Chanel's life as her star sign was Leo).

Going down to the ground floor, there was again a TV screen showing the same collection (I think anyway - I can't fully remember), this floor contained mainly shoes, a few bags and a few accessories, we also noticed the mannequin next to the stairs wearing a gorgeous either jumpsuit or trousers and top piece, the shoes were on shelving around the walls, then through to the left there was again two cabinets containing purses and accessories, the man serving was friendly and said hello to us when we walked over there.

Overall the feeling in the shop was friendly we thought they might be a bit 'stand offish' but it wasn't at all - I only wish I could have afforded to actually purchase something! Ha...

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