Friday, 7 January 2011

Trevor Sorbie beautiful blonde ice cool platinum shampoo and conditioner

Whilst searching for a new liquid eye liner in Boots on Wednesday this week, I came across the hair section and saw the Trevor Sorbie range was 2 products for £6, the ice cool platinum shampoo and conditioner looked good, it claimed to ‘enhance lighter shades of natural, coloured or high - lighted blonde hair from the first wash.’ I thought with it being so cheap i'd give it a go and see if it actually worked because I’ve been using silver shampoos recently as I like my hair to look ‘whiter’ rather than yellow; even though the ice cool shampoo isn’t a ‘silver shampoo’ it does have semi permanent dye in it with a violet base which neutralises brassy, yellow tones.

Today I tried them out, I firstly noticed how nice they smelt, not like shampoo – more of a perfumey kind of smell which I liked, I then read the packaging and it says to massage the shampoo in for two minutes to activate the colour, so I started to massage it in and after about a minute I felt my scalp itching and burning a little but didn’t think much of it because of the dye. After the two minutes I washed it out and used the conditioner which also says to leave in for two minutes so I did. I obviously then washed that out and carried on with my bath blahh blah.

When I got out and brushed my hair I noticed I had lots of dandruff at my roots – which I never get! I carried on brushing my hair and put my protectants etc on it and started to dry my hair, I noticed my hair was a lot dryer than it normally is. After my hair was fully dry I looked in the mirror and most of the dandruff had gone I guessed this was because I brushed it out? I don’t know? The colour of my hair hadn’t really changed that much; that I could notice anyway, and my scalp felt irritated like the product had burnt it.

It does say on the package that it can cause an allergic reaction but with me using other silver shampoos and hair masks I thought I’d be okay. I don’t know if it was an allergic reaction but it definitely hurt my scalp and it didn’t really do much good to my hair with it making it dry and causing dandruff! The one plus side was the nice smell though! I won’t be using this again for a while – and if I do I probably won’t leave the shampoo on for as long and maybe I’ll be okay?!

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