Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Tomorrow I’m going up to Leeds for one of my good friends birthday as shes at Uni there – a few of my friends from home are going too, so will be nice to see them! She decided that we were all going to dress up and the theme was Disney, so as I’m pretty much obsessed with Tinkerbell it was obvious who I was going to choose!

After picking my outfit off ebay which consists of a little green fairy dress with netting round the bottom, and some shiny wings I really didn’t know what shoes to wear! Obviously I wanted some kind of green pumps, but couldn’t find any anywhere, so… I came up with the bright idea of buying some satin ballet shoes and dying them green and adding pom poms - so that is exactly what I did!

Here’s some picture of the shoes:

I will put photos up of the full outfit when I have it all on together! J


  1. What kind of dye did you use? MY daughter is Tinker Bell in her Musical Theater class. Thanks for your help!

    1. I used Dylon Tropical Green fabric dye :)