Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Going back to Notts

Sooo… I’ve been at home in Grimsby for nearly a month now, and yes it is infact grim! I have loved being back and seeing my family, friends and of course my boyfriend; but there really is not a lot to do here at all! So my time has consisted of working back at River Island – which is good because I’ll have some extra money!; sleeping/generally chilling, eating too much and drinking when going out with the girls etc.

Now only having 3 days till I go back to Nottingham, I really need to start sorting out all my things again and packing – boooo! I am not looking forward to trying to sort out all my clothes/shoes again! However, I am looking forward to using my new Cath Kidston overnight bag which my mummy got me for Christmas! Adding to my collection of other things I have from Cath Kidston, I love it!

My overnight bag :)

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